Saturday, 26 July 2014

Review: Dentinox Eye Wipes

Introduction: Dentinox for over 50 years have been making simple, but effective medicines and medical devices that a parent can rely on to bring gentle relief for their babies.

For this review I was sent 2 boxes of Dentinox eye wipes to try out with Summer and over the past few weeks when Summer has experienced sticky and watery eyes we have put them to use with positive results.

  • Suitable for use from birth
  • They are sterile
  • Soft and gentle 
  • Convenient and easy to use at home or on-the-go
  • 12 Individually wrapped wipes

Experience: Summer had a cold the other week, snuffly nose, sticky eyes, and the Dentinox eye wipes were perfect to wipe away the gunk from her eyes each morning, they were simple and easy to use, without causing her any upset - I found them much better to use than using cotton wool soaked in water.

Conclusion: These are handy little wipes to have when you have little ones, they are very easy to use and they are caring; also effective by clearing the eyelids and lashes with just a gentle wipe over the eye. They are a great go to product to cleanse and refresh little eyes by removing any watery, sticky or gunky residue as and when needed.  I make sure to carry a few wipes in my bag, as well as keeping a few at home.


Mummy Barrow

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Reivew: Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser

This is my first review for Shoplet as part of the Shoplet blogger team, and this month I was sent the Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser

IntroductionsShoplet are one of the biggest online websites that sell solely office supplies. They offer a vast range for all your office needs, from home office to large office.  Free shipping if you spend over £30 and they also offer free returns.

Experience: When I received the Acco Quartet magnetic weekly organiser board I thought 'hhmm where shall I put this' I really didn't want to hang/stick it on my wall, we don't have the space anyhow, and this is what is so great about the Acco Quartet weekly organiser, you are able to secure it via magnets; so I decided to stick it on the fridge and see how it would fit and look, and it is perfect! It sits very well on the side of the fridge, we put it at a nice level (not to low so the kids can pull at it or scribble on it) and we find it very easy to utilise it.

It also has a cork bottom panel so you can pin photos, letters, notes etc..  I am forever sticking letters on the fridge with my magnets, and they get knocked off so easily, but with this cork board, they are much more secure.

  • Size: 585 x 190mm
  • Includes one black magnetic 
  • Pen included, with wipe lid
  • Comes with mounting magnets and foam adhesive tape

Conclusion: We have had it on the fridge now for a few weeks and it is secure, even with the kids slamming the fridge shut many times throughout the day - the board doesn't move.  I am really impressed with this, it was a pleasant surprise with how well it works in the kitchen, and at a fantastic price of just £6.64 I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The end of Primary School - the end of an era?

Last Monday I watched my two oldest sons walk off into high school after I had dropped them off together.  Liam has been going to high school for a few years now, but for Lewis this day was his first day at high school, the start to his taster week; a week where they are introduced into their new school and a week where they get to spend with their new tutor and meeting new pupils, all in preparation for when he moves/changes to this school in the new term, September.

As they walked off I stood there watching and I felt a mix of emotions, from sadness to being super proud of them; the sight of them two took me aback, and I welled up -  my boys are growing up, and a fleeting thought hit me - where have all these years gone, how did they grow up so quickly on me. I remember when they were young and I had so many fears (some irrational), but also many excitements and with tons to look forward too, as a parent those fears and excitements will always stay with me, but as they get older those fears/excitements change and alter (not so irrational, but still very valid).

After school I had a ton of questions to ask him - how he got on, what he thought of it, tell me what he liked, did he have any worries etc..  We had a little chat and overall he seemed pretty comfortable and pleased - Lewis has this very laid back manner, takes everything in his stride. Then he said 'No one plays!' and I see a sadness in his eyes and then he said 'they either just play footie or stand in groups chatting'  It was at that point when I realised that my little boy is going to change, high school will change him and again I found myself both scared and excited. What will this following 12 + months bring us? What will I see my fun loving, laid back, cheeky boy change into? After calming my mind and thoughts down and thinking straight, I have no doubt that he will become a young sensible lad, confident, yet still cheeky, just like his Dad and his older brother.

This week he returned to primary school, and yesterday the school took all year 6 kids to the local amusement park, Pleasurewood hills and they spent the day there.

Today was the last day of term, it was non school uniform and a normal day in class, but a more relaxed and fun schedule. After school Lewis exclaimed 'everyone was sad and crying, not sure why as I'm looking forward to the new school' so I replied to him 'won't you be sad to see some of your friends go when they attend other schools'  'nah that is what Skype is for Mum. I can speak to them like I normally do most evenings' 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 17 July 2014

BST-Hyde Park - HELLO KITTY giveaway

Sunday 13th we headed to BST in Hyde Park, we arrived whilst 10CC were playing; wow now that was a blast from the past and I recognised some of the songs instantly - 10CC sounded great!  After 10CC had finished it was then Little Mix's turn on stage, they were on for an hour and were absolutely amazing; I took Lewis and my niece Taylor into the crowd and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Also on that evening were Tom Jones and not forgetting Boyzone. This was all on the main stage, but there were other smaller stages and lots of other activities all around the park, with Titan the robot making an appearance in amongst the crowd, and plenty more on for the kids to do and see; from funfair rides to meet and greets with different cartoon characters: Mr Men (Jacob met Mr Strong) too HELLO KITTY.

We made our way to the summer stage which was a quaint sized stage and allowed you to get up close and personal at the front; which was good for the little ones, especially when the GO GO GO's were on - Summer loved singing and dancing along too these, and all the other kids were right up there at the front of the stage dancing along. When it was HELLO KITTY time all the children excitedly waited and queued, which was for a meet and greet session, and when HELLO KITTY did finally arrive, que lots of excited squeals. Each child had a quick meet/greet (and sometimes a cuddle) and of course parents were taking photos.

There were loads of HELLO KITTY fans at BST Hydepark thrilled to meet and greet and have a photo with the famous character, and if you are a fan then I have a lovely giveaway for my readers, please see below on how to enter.

Giveaway:  For three of my readers can be in with a chance to win one set of HELLO KITTY ebooks, all you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below - Good Luck.

Come join Hello Kitty and her friends in a brand new series all about fun and friendship!
In this exclusive ebook collection of the first three titles in the series, Hello Kitty and her friends form the Friendship Club, go on a School Trip and have fun at the Summer Fair! Every day is fun when you’ve got a friend like Hello Kitty.

Each ebook in the series is a collectible adventure with a fun lesson about how to be a great friend.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BST Hyde Park was a fantastic day, there was tons of stuff to do and see, and lucky for us the weather stayed very nice. We were too exhausted to stay all evening, so we didn't get to see all the fab acts, though we did get to see Little Mix, which was amazing. 

Review: Degustabox June

June's Degustabox was another successful box, it was full of both discovery and fun items. If you like to experience old and new brands, food and drink that maybe you wouldn't normally buy, you can also join the monthly subscription service with Degustabox and receive a box full of food and drink goodies each month. The box is delivered directly to your home and the contents are always kept as a surprise. You receive between 9 to 14 items, and it costs just £12.99 including delivery. 

In this month's box please see below what was included:

Wow - Lambrini a brand of light perry, a British brand, and seeing that in the box instantly put a smile on my face as it took me back to my younger years, and I was super excited to trying that one.  Estrella Damn a pilsner beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain, another one for hubby, a nice can of larger. 

One for the kids Shaken Udder REAL chocolate milkshake, a great and tasty milkshake that the kids love. Then Be Fast breakfast shakes, perfect for busy people to grab and drink on the way to work.

Elizabeth Shaw amaretto milk chocolate flutes, such simple chocolate sticks but very tasty - a real treat to indulge in.  Then the Urban Fruit Pineapple snack pack - baked fruit, which is great for packed lunches, or as a snack, really tasty as well.

Veetee basmati & wild rice - I really like basmati and wild rice, the texture and taste of the wild rice is always a nice surprise within a meal. Dr Oetker Vanilla grinder, what a fantastic idea, I love this little product, and it will last a long time.

BEAR Alpha bites, a box of cereal - cereal letters made from 5 tasty whole-grains,
and with no added nonsense. Very yummy, the taste reminds me of Start cereal.

Finally always included is a very helpful leaflet with a list and description of what items are included within the box, and a couple of recipes to try out using some of the  included items.

Receiving the Degustabox each month is a fantastic experience and great fun. This months' box my favourite item was definitely the Lambrini - I can't wait until July's box!

And for all my lovely readers out there, if you would like to order a box from Degustabox then I have a £3.00 discount code for you: 

You can follow Degustabox for the latest news and updates with the below links:
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