Sunday, 19 April 2015

Silent Sunday


World Map Wallpaper Murals

Explorer Kids World Map
Typography World Map Mural
Navigator World Map

We're planning on converting the rest of the garage into a playroom, a place for the kids to play, have their own space and somewhere we can hide the endless sea of toys. I want to make it bright and fun, with an educational feel to it, and I think the perfect theme would be a world map mural wallpaper.

Having a world map in the playroom will bring an educational environment, as well as fun and games; they can use the wallpaper to search and find countries, and oceans. It would have a Wow factor.

The three pictures above are my favourite:

  • Explorer Kids World Map - I love this one, and I think it would be perfect in Jacob's bedroom, but for the playroom, to cover all my children ages I need a mural that isn't to 'kiddie' and unfortunately I don't think my teenager, Liam, would appreciate this one.
  • Typography World Map Mural - This would be perfect for my teenager, but not so fun for the younger two.
  • Navigator World Map - Finally, this mural would be perfect, not too kiddiefied, and not to 'oldie'. It covers all ages, it's fun, bright and it looks stunning.

With 4 kids at varying ages, starting from 2 right up to 15, I have to find a world map that fits all their needs, not to childish, but not too boring, one they can all enjoy and appreciate. 

These three options are available on the Mural Wallpaper online store. They've recently released their new range of world map designs. A stunning range of world maps for all ages and all tastes. Made in the UK, they offer three different types of main paper to cater for budget and requirements.

If you like the three I have chosen, why not head over to the Murial Wallpaper website to have a look at their full range of world maps.

Friday, 17 April 2015

My Kipling #betterwithcake

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time with my best friend who lived across the alley, and one of our best past-times was raiding our parents cupboards and creating a garden picnic, we would collect nibbles, make sandwiches, and add any other goodies that we could find in the cupboards, all to help build up the best picnic ever!

A lot of effort went into our picnics, and once ready we would head out into the garden, lay a blanket down, sit, chat and enjoy. Our garden picnics were the best lunch ever, come rain or come shine if we had our mind set on a picnic, we would, and if it did rain, we would sit under umbrellas. 

Enjoying a picnic during the spring/summer months can be entertaining and fun for the whole family. It's a great boredom buster, and a great way to get together and eat some delicious food, even if the picnic is in your back garden. A great excuse to sit outside, enjoy the sun and eat yummy cakes.

A picnic for me wouldn't be a picnic without cakes, and feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought it would be great fun if Summer and I organised our own little picnic in the garden. And we did just that; one sunny afternoon, I got our biggest tray out, placed all the delicious cakes on the tray, we rolled the picnic blanket out, grabbed a drink each, grabbed some fruit and we sat, played, and ate yummy cakes. Summer was in her element, she loves being outdoors anyhow, but she loved the environment I'd created, it was something a little different after all these cold months, and something that was fun.

Mr Kipling an iconic British made cake brand that offer a huge range of fantastic cakes, pies and baked goods; they have something for every occasion. And a picnic is definitely #betterwithcake.

We didn't eat all these yummy cakes (promise) we saved some for the boys.

This post is an entry for #betterwithcake Linky Challenge (, sponsored by Mr Kipling. Learn more at”

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Massage – History and Types

Today, people are taking special care of their body. We became extremely self-conscious and we are willing to invest a lot of our time and energy in order to lead a better and healthier life. Massage is the oldest therapy in which people have used in order to heal themselves. This almost natural ability to help others with simple touch is applied even today in our daily life. If we have a headache, we instinctively rub our neck and head in order to reduce the pain and tension. Similarly to that, we often start rubbing or massaging different, stressed parts of our body. Human touch is highly developed and sensual form of communication. Physical symptoms, such as fatigue usually mean that we are under a lot of stress and that our body needs a break. In most of the cases, massage is much better than medication. You can get a great massage in different parlors, especially in Uptown Spa in Toronto.

There is numerous historical data which led us to believe that the massage is the oldest, known to man, physical treatment. The origin of the word is still unknown. According to some, it may be a term from F

rench, Greek or even Arabic language. The oldest script originates from China, where Nei Ching thoroughly described massage as a treatment for different types of ailments. There are even hieroglyphs found in Egypt that depict foot and hand massage. These hieroglyphs are dating from 2330 BC which only confirms our suspicions that massage is the oldest physical therapy. Modern massage was developed in 19th century by Swedish professor Per Henrik Ling. Naturally, it was called Swedish massage and this is today the most common type of massage which you can receive in any massage parlor. Mister Ling established an institute for massage and gymnastic in Stockholm.

We can differentiate three basic types of massage. Hygienic massage is a great treatment for the body which helps the development of the organism. It is important for keeping its shape, for reduction of fatigue and strain on the muscles, for reduction of skin elasticity and some additional effects. Sports massage is widespread today. All sports clubs use it and it is very important for the health of the athletes. It is used before and after the training, it increases elasticity of the body while reducing strain on muscles and joints. It is often used as a treatment of sports injuries and especially for swelling and lymph edema after injury. Finally, therapeutic massage is used as a treatment for diseased organism. It is only done by specialized therapist, well versed for the particular treatment.

Massage can be dividing into:
  • Manual (basic type of massage, done by hands)
  • Massage with different equipment
  • Aero physical therapy (massage with air filled with different pleasant odors)
  • Hydrotherapy (water and water pressure are used as a tool)
  • Cryotherapy (massage done with ice and different cold gels)
  • Aromatherapy (different oils are used for this massage, usually pleasant smelling)
  • Lymph therapy (highly demanding therapy which can be done only by certified technicians)

*This is a guest post.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sweet Memory Lane


As a kid, a trip down to our local sweet shop every couple of days was what we used to spend my pocket money on, this or marbles, it's different nowadays as my kids prefer to spend their pocket money on video games and/or apps. We would take our pocket money, grab a little paper bag and fill it up with as many sweets as possible - go home and eat as many as we could - We would swap and share, my favourites were bonbons and sherbet lemons.

Sweet Memory Lane is a traditional family run sweet shop with a very modern twist, based in the lovely market town of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.  A delightful traditional sweet shop that has every taste catered for and more; with a fantastic array of different sweets and gift ideas, and all available on their online shop.

For this review I was sent the Traditional Sweet Shop Box which includes:

  • Sherbet Lemons: My favourite
  • Butterscotch
  • Barley Sugars
  • Humbugs 
  • Sherbet Fountain - This transported me back to my childhood.
  • Sugar Mouse - I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid. 
What a great box of sweets, with packets of sweets in traditional little paper bags, and the box wrapped very attractively; the presentation is very appealing and would be great for a gift.  So if you want to treat yourself to some sweets, or you have someone fussy or awkward to buy a gift for, then Sweet Memory Lane may be the place to look out.

For just £12.50 you will receive a box full of traditional sweet goodies.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Silent Sunday


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Old El Paso

Saturday night is our Mexican food night, and every Saturday we eat taco's, wraps and salsa. 

It's the one meal we all enjoy together, no moans, no groans, and no different dishes to cook. And, we always buy the Old El Paso range, we've previously tried other brands, but find we prefer Old El Paso. They offer a fantastic range and deliver with taste, variety and fun. 

The kits give you everything you need to cook up a tasty sharing dish, all you need to add is the meat. You can buy the rice, and additional sauces; my favourite sauces are sour cream topping and chunky Guacamole and both of these come in a handy squeezy bottle. You can also buy the individual items, like the shells or wraps.

I like to use lamb mince for the taco's and soft taco's and steak for the wraps - although there are no rules, and sometimes we mix it up, and have the mince in wraps and so on. Or sometimes, Jacob makes his own chip and lettuce wrap with rice and no meat - it's up to you.

Now and then we also treat ourselves to the Nacho kit; tasty warm nacho's with melted cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole - yummy, and great when you have guests or the kids friends around.

Oh and hubby always buys the jar of Jalapenos - I don't eat Jalapenos as I really don't like anything spicy, but hubby and our older boys will add these in their wraps.

You can find the Old El Paso range in major supermarkets. 

This is just how I like my soft taco's.