Monday, 29 September 2014

Your Dreamcatcher


Your Dreamcatcher, is a website founded by a young entrepreneur, Julia White, who set-out to create a brand that encouraged comfort but that also encouraged people to follow their dreams. Her aim is to provide good quality clothing at affordable prices, with a fun recognisable logo. The brand currently offers an 'initial' range of leisurewear and in addition, beautiful complimentary sterling silver jewellery.


I was sent the hand-made silver and black Dreamcatcher earrings costing £7.99, and the white fitted vest which costs £12.99 and is available in sizes 8 - 16. 

The parcel arrives beautifully packed, and very well presented, which gives a first good impression. The t-shirt is wrapped in tissue paper, with a branded sticker and a little bag of scented gel beads. These extra touches and attention to detail made it that much more special, I felt it shows that they care for their customers.

The Earrings are hand-made, in sterling silver with black onyx bead detail and they are simply stunning, I fell in love with them as soon as I opened the little box, they were better than what I was expecting. They have a drop of 3cm from the top of the dream-catcher to the bottom of the silver feather, a great size for causal and/or evening wear.

The Vest was another pleasant surprise, the fit is great and it is made out of good quality material: from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. A wonderful cotton vest that looks and feels like good quality, with a perfect fit and I found it very comfy to wear. This is excellent for casual wear, and/or as a gym top.

Overall Your Dreamcatcher offers a fantastic range, and the website is well worth a browse, especially if you are looking for a gift to get someone or maybe to treat yourself. They only have a few items available, but what is available is stunning, and unique.  I have my eye on the Dreamcatcher necklace, that would match my earrings.

The earrings are beautiful and they look stunning, perfect for day wear, and evening wear. I love wearing them during the day and often get comments from friends and family, asking where I got them.

Really great quality vest, that washes well, and will last for a long time, without losing its shape. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Silent Sunday


Chicken Charades by University Games + Giveaway

Introduction: Charades is a word guessing game a game where you have to act out a word, and your fellow players have to try and guess that word. The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning across, and Chicken Charades brings a new dimension into this retro game, which is, you have to use the rubber chicken to act out your words. 

Experience:  You have to use the squeaky chicken prop to perform your actions, but you need to be quick as you only get 10 seconds, which is counted by the included sand timer. Whoever guesses the answer correctly wins 1 point, the first person to earn 10 points is the winner.  There are over 1000 words on the cards to choose from, so lots to keep you going and the recommended age is for 8+ years (Jacob, slightly younger than the nominated age, loves playing it, he can't read all the words, so I have to whisper it to him and then he gets his brothers to guess the word). And you need at least 3 players

Conclusion: Chicken Charades is a hilarious traditional game with a twist, where the kids (and adults) get to be a bit silly and noisy. The rubber 'squeaky' chicken, brings the game alive as it makes you more animated whilst trying to convey the word you want your fellow players to guess, making it that much more fun. This is a great game for the entire family and the perfect gift. 

You can purchase Chicken Charades in most major toy shops, supermarkets and Amazon.

Giveaway - for a chance to win Chicken Charades, please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

OiDroids pop-out and build robots

OiDroids are unique collectable robots that you pop-out and build. There are 96 different OiDroids characters to collect and each pack contains randomly packed individual OiDroids robots The pop-out robots are printed on postcard sized cards, which are finished in amazing bright colours that look fun and cool.  

Each robot is a one piece pop-out that is pre-creased, with icons giving you clear directions on where to fold, thus making it easier to build the characters. There is no sticking or glueing needed. 

Available in:

  • Pack of 4: 4 individual OiDroids
  • Pack of 12: 12 individual OiDroids, including one rare foil card, and a pop-out and build data card storage box.
  • OiDroids Party 10 Pack: each pack includes 10 OiDroids 4 Packs, 10 OiDroids party bags and 10 unique pop-out and build invitations for your guests to build as reminders of the party.

Membership: On their website you can join the OiDroids Alliance, which involves an annual fee of £17.99 and then a 4 pack is delivered to your door each month. The membership also includes added benefits, member exclusives and 10% discount on further pack purchases.

Conclusion:  For me I did not have any problem slotting the robots together but Jacob found it a bit tricky, he managed to do a few, but I did most for him on his request. The robots have a really cool and fun design that would appeal to both boys and girls. The cardboard is sturdy and we've found the robots are still intact after a few weeks of being played with. These are a great alternative gift or collectable item for the children, which they can play with, swap with friends and/or put them on display in their bedroom.

They cost £1.99 for a 4 pack and £4.99 for the 12 pack, and they are available in most independent toy shops, WHSmiths, Amazon and you can purchase at

In the bigger pack you always receive a pop-out box, which you can store all your data cards which included with each OiDroid.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Silent Sunday


Saturday, 20 September 2014

EQUIP Waterless Wipes + Competition

Introduction: EQUIP is a ‘waterless wash’ range of products, designed to use for any situation, from taking care of children or elderly relatives, to feeling fresh and clean whilst camping. They offer a waterless wash solutions which are fully portable and most importantly, reliable. No water needed


  • Wash Mits: these are pre-moistened wash mitts which are super-thick, and strong. Designed to cleanse and moisturise and leave you with that fresh feeling.
  • Oversized Wipes: the large surface wipes makes it easier to clean your body and they are soothing. With luxurious ingredients of coconut extract, aloe vera and Karanja nut.
  • Protective Wipes: these are hygiene wipes, designed for your most intimate places. Formulated with an anti-itch ingredient, Canadian willow herb, they work to protect and keep fresh.
  • Shower Cap: a wash shampoo cap which is really easy to use. Cover all your hair with the cap, and massage your head for a couple of minutes to release the shampoo and conditioner. This action cleanses the hair and scalp. No water or rinsing needed. The cap can also be heated up in a microwave for a nice warm cleanse.


  • Dermatologically tested and pH balanced so they’re mild and kind to skin.
  • Clinically tested and safe for skin.
  • Large wipes for more coverage.

Conclusion: The range of products are very handy and they are a must have for camping, a festival, or whilst on a long journey etc.. I like that they are thick material, so they hold up well and do not rip, and then when you are finished you simply throw it away. They are also caring on the skin.

EQUIP are available to buy in Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Twitter: @equipwash

Competition: For your chance to win EQUIP please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below - Good luck.

August's Degustabox

IntroductionDegustabox a monthly subscription food and beverage box that is delivered to your home each month. The contents change each month and they are always a surprise. The box contains between 9 to 14 items all for just £12.99 per month and you can you either subscribe for yourself or can you send one or more as a gift.

Experience: This month's Degustabox was bursting full of treats and goodies - you can see the pictures below with all the items that were included. 

Around the end of the month the box is delivered, and there is always an element of excitement when opening the box up to see what items are included, some new brands, new items, or items we seen but never bothered to buy in the past. It is great experience trying out and discovering new items each and every-month.

Conclusion: I love this box and look forward to receiving it each month!  I not only like the surprise aspect, but I enjoy seeing and experiencing the new brands that may be included, or brands I may have seen before but never bothered to try. The kids like this just as much as me, they love to see if there is anything that grabs their attention - for example the box of Lindt chocolates was soon swooped away by the boys and Jacob loved the Cawston carton juice.

I have a discount coupon code for my readers, which gives you a £3.00 discount when registering. The code is: X4J2W - Don't forget to enter the competition below to win your very own free box.

Berry White, organic drinks, Peach & Goji Berry flavour: This was really very nice and refreshing to drink, an organic drink with no added nasties and 10% of their profits goes to charity.

Cawston Press: We've seen the Cawston Press cans in previous boxes, but this month we had a carton, which was very nice indeed.  Full of goodness and perfect for school packed lunch boxes.

Mexican Dave's tortilla chips:  love these, very tasty, especially with a chilli dish. 

Moma Food, breakfast muesli multipack voucher. Unfortunately we don't have a Sainsbury's or a Waitrose store, but when I pop in to the city soon, I will pop into Sainsbury's to use my voucher.

Pasquier: 2 packs of Pains au Lait and Pains au chocolat - these are great for breakfast or a snack.

Fever-Tree, Tonic water and Ginger beer: The Ginger beer was amazing, I loved the flavour of this natural and refreshing drink. We haven't tried the tonic water yet.

Caribbean Twist, Strawberry Daiquiri: A delicious sparkling cocktail full of fresh strawberry flavour with a hint of lime. A refreshing alcoholic drink.

Schwartz: 2 flavour shots pops, Mexican fajitas and Spanish smoked paprika chicken: very easy and simple to use, great for cooking up something quick, but with great taste.

Lindt: This was a nice surprise, a small 10 of milk hearts, which were very yummy.

Dr. Oetker New Edible wafer cupcake cases - what a fun idea, and I love how each month we have had a Dr. Oetker item included, and we now have a great range of new and exciting baking items - we just now need to start using them and making cakes etc.

Menu card which is included within the box, with some great ideas to use some of the included items.
The index card - lists all the included items, with prices

You can follow Degustabox for the latest news and updates with the below links:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Website