Dry Kids Waterproof Jackets

If it is going to rain, you can almost guarantee it will rain on school runs.

Typical British weather is, mostly wet in the mornings and then come the afternoon we always get ominous black clouds and bang on the school run there is total downpour. 

It's not just the school runs though, it happens when we go to take the dogs out for a walk, or we've made plans to go down the park for the afternoon. Rain can spoil your fun  - or does it?!  The kids don't mind the rain, and they especially love the puddles. 

There is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

There is nothing wrong with being outside in the rain, it can be fun - as long as you have on suitable clothing, waterproofs, wellies, umbrella etc. then why not get outside.

Dry Kids sent us one of their Waterproof Jackets - Jacob chose green, but it is available in 5 other colours and costs just £9.95 - which is excellent value for money.

This waterproof jacket is perfect for those rainy days - it done us well when we went to Center Parcs and every day on the school runs, it keeps Jacob dry and warm - although, when it starts to get colder, he will need to wear a jumper underneath to keep him warm, as this is a rain jacket and not a winter coat.  

The Dry Kids Waterproof Jacket is a hooded zip coat, where the cuffs are elasticated keeping out the rain, with velcro hood straps, and two front pockets. The hood also can fold away into the collar.  

In addition, the whole thing folds compactly into itself in the front zip pocket, which is perfect for storing it away at home, or maybe to keep in your handbag etc.

This Dry Kids Jacket is a great jacket that keeps your child dry, and it is truly excellent value for money. 


OXELO B1 Scooter

Children love scooters, they are everywhere - down the park, on the way to school, downtown and in the gardens. This is because they are fun, light-weight, portable, fast - perfect for zipping around.

Summer is at that age where she is getting too big for her buggy, she doesn't want to sit in it, she wants to walk, but as she is little she has little tolerance for walking long distances. She ends up wanting a carry - not to sit back in her buggy, no, she wants a carry. This is not ideal for when we take the dogs for a walk or if we walk to school etc. This is where a scooter fits in perfectly.

Recently, decathlon sent us their 
OXELO B1 Scooter (appropriate for kids ages 2-4) for Summer to try.

A very light-weight, but robust scooter, it is customable with the ability to change the coloured shells that you can fix straight onto the frame. It has a height-adjustable handlebars with three wheels making it a great balance scooter. Summer quickly mastered the technique of riding her 
OXELO B1 Scooter and she was soon whizzing around the pavements leading the way on our dog walks. 

These scooters are ideal for short walks, perfect to just grab and go. Simple to use and fun. 
They will help develop your child’s motor skills, balance skills, self-confidence, and of course, it will keep them fit and active.

Available in 5 different colours (Summer choose Yellow), RRP £22.99 - this OXELO B1 Scooter will make a great gift for any 2-4 year old.

Family Holiday 2015

Our summer holiday didn't quite go to plan this year.  We didn't have the hot weather, white beaches, poolside sun lounges holiday we had planned for. But instead had something I think was far better - a staycation in the heart of the beautiful Wiltshire woods. There was no sunbathing, no lounging about, no white beaches, instead was the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, and the great British outdoors. 

We had booked a week at the start of the school holidays to Tunisia. As you can imagine, with all the terrible events that happened in Sousse, it was understandably cancelled - we looked at changing destination, but due to costs, and the fact that hubby and I lost all the enthusiasm to going abroad, we decided to do a staycation.

So we ended up putting the money in the house, decorating both the boys room and we booked a nice week in Center Parcs. Unfortunately, our teenage son didn't want to come with us, he wanted to stay home - my step-daughter and her partner were looking after the house and the dogs anyhow, so he stayed home with them.

We had an amazing time (apart from missing my oldest), the kids loved it which is what was the main thing. As long as they are happy I am happy. 

We spent most the days walking and swimming.

We had planned to do loads around Wilshire etc. to visit many tourist locations, but Center Parcs kept us fully occupied, and we only ventured out on one day.

Of course we couldn't have left without visiting Longleat Safire Park - after years of wanting to visit, we got to finally go. And, it was as amazing as I wanted it to be. Nothing like I expected, but still amazing. We were so impressed we will definitely be returning, hopefully, next year.

As we were checking into our villa, I looked out the window and spotted two deers.  The kids loved it, the deers were relaxing near our lodge and we watched them for a couple of hours - one even came right near our window and grazed.

We fed the squirrels every morning - there were quite a few that visited us throughout the week.

We spent hours walking, we went out in the morning and didn't return to the villa until late in the evening most days - Longleat Center Parcs is very hilly, so we got lots of exercise. There was a land train, but the kids preferred to walk.

During our walks each day we would we visited the many different play parks.

The kids love crazy golf, and we spent a good hour trying to master the indoors crazy golf - Summer got a bit bored..

We loved the woodlands walks.

Lewis completed the indoor wall climbing, he found it very challenging, but thoroughly enjoyed it - I was really proud of him as normally he doesn't like to do anything that involves heights etc. Jacob, decided not to do it himself, but he said next time he will. 

We couldn't leave our villa without having a BBQ, even under an umbrella - in the typical British 'August' weather, of course, it rained.

The week went far too quickly, we had an active, fun, relaxing time and we can't wait to return.

Silent Sunday


Bingocams Live Win Moment

Whilst at college I worked in a bingo hall, and when I look back at my job and I only have happy memories. Bingo is more than playing and winning, it is about the community.  Many people play Bingo for the social aspect, and the community spirit. Yes, they love the game, and love winning, but it is so much more than that. They go for the chatter and of course, to catch up on the gossip, thus, it is a friendly environment - one big community.

The big difference with online bingo is, you miss the face to face social aspect - well until Bingocams.com then that all changed for the online bingo game.

Bingocams is a bingo community where you play live, hopefully, win and you get to meet people; and you get to experience people winning - all via the webcam. 

It is a pretty fun experience!

When a  player wins, their webcam captures the moment of joy and celebration and the short video is immediately streamed to all other players in the room. 

As well as playing Bingo, you can link up with a few fellow players in a private webcam chat whilst playing the game together. Bingocams brings back the essential social element that bingo is so renowned for:  the chatter, the gossip, and the environment.

World Smile Day Help Primula Cheese #spreadasmile for Make-A-Wish

It's World Smile day today, and I am supporting Primula Cheese with their campaign to help spread the smiles. 

Primula Cheese are working with Make-A-Wish® UK to raise funds to help grant magical wishes to seriously ill children. Throughout October and November, they will be donating 20% of the profits from the sale of their special ‘Just Say Cheese’ tubes to Make-A-Wish® UK.

You can help by posting a picture of someone or something that makes you smile using the hashtag: #spreadasmile. And, not forgetting, you can get yourself a limited edition of Primula Cheese in stores now.
So, what makes me smile?

No matter what mood I am in, no matter what is happening, seeing my children makes me smile. Every day I realise how lucky I am, but I also understand that not everyone is as lucky, thus, let's help as many seriously ill children as possible, by sharing #spreadasmile.

Halford's First Motoring Workshop for Women

I am completely guilty at avoiding to check or doing anything with my car and instead I get my hubby to do it for me. We have two cars, hubby drives his company car, whilst I drive the family car.  And, I would love to be more confident in knowing what, where and how to check and maintain the car - the basics. 

I've ran out of oil before, to which I only knew as I told hubby the car was overheating. I've even ran out of petrol before and didn't realise why the car wouldn't start until the AA guy told me (embarrassing moment that was), and I run out of screen washer often - It's safe to say, I am useless when it comes to the car.

But I am not the only one. A recent study by Halford's found that more than three-quarters of women (77%) don’t check their cars themselves for winter, with a third (32%) not knowing how. When it comes to oil, 21% of women didn’t know how to identify if oil is low, and a third (29%) not knowing which oil is right for their car. 

I didn't even realise that you had to consider buying the right type oil for your car.

When Halford's got the results from their research, they knew there was something they could do for their customers to help them feel more confident when it comes to maintaining and checking their car. Thus, they have teamed up with motoring star and supermodel Jodie Kidd with the aim to encouraging women to become motoring savvy. 

Jodie Kidd said, “My love of cars and driving is no secret, and over my years of racing I’ve learnt the mechanics of a car – I think it is so important for women to know how to maintain their cars and to understand what’s going on beneath the bonnet.” 

And, with this new collaboration, Halford's have launched a free Women’s Winter Motor Workshops. They are trialling the free workshops, worth £10, as a one-off session in 420 of its stores on the evening of Monday, 12 October.

If you would like to learn how to check the oil, wiper blades and lights, along with expert advice and tips on the basic maintenance during the winter months, please visit here, to book your free spot.
“Our workshops are aimed at women who want to know more about the basics of car maintenance ahead of winter, when cars take more strain with colder weather and driving conditions can become more hazardous.” 

Halford's also holds free Kids’ Bike Workshops, which have been attended by 62,000 children and their parents, as well as free Women’s Bike Workshops which were attended by 2,500 women.