Pass Around The World #PassAroundTheWorld

September the 18th will see the first match of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the UK. And for the past couple of months leading up to the World Cup, Allianz and Saracens RFC have teamed up with the aim in bringing more people together through Rugby.

Pass Around the World is a fun, family-oriented event. It encourages people to joining in by filming their own rugby pass. You then uploaded your pass to, where they will be linked together to make one big long pass.

By uploading your rugby pass you will automatically be entered into a competition to win one of many great prizes, from £150 Ticketmaster voucher to spend on any event, anywhere in the world to exclusive Saracens prizes.

Your rugby pass should be no longer than 10 seconds, and make sure the pass starts from the left and finishes with the ball disappearing out of the right - hence, when it uploads it is linked to other people's uploads of their pass, and all videos need to link together to give the effect of one long pass.

We're a rugby loving family and looking forward to the World Cup in September.  We will also joining in with Pass Around the World with the kids, out in the garden, getting my boys involved, passing the ball to each other and then upload our pass - I should imagine it would be tons of fun and you never know we may win one of the prizes.

The Lost Passport

We booked our holiday back in April and we go next month. The first thing I did was check the passports, I knew we had to renew a couple of the kids passports, but hubby's and mine had over a year left. I managed to locate mine and the kids, but I could not find hubby's. At the time, I wasn't too worried, as I knew (hoped) it was in the house somewhere, and we would find it, no rush! 

How wrong were we, 3 months later, we still can't find it. We have now accepted defeat, reported it lost and applied for a new one. 

But that was only after we searched high and low for it - everywhere in the house and in both cars. I looked in the loft, just in case I stuck it in one of the boxes where I store all the kids arts and schoolwork, and we turned the sofas on the side slit the bottom and made sure it hadn't slipped down the side, it hadn't.

I do remember the last time we used it, which was just over a year ago now and that was to renew hubby's drivers licence, I left it in the kitchen cupboard and didn't put it away - this is the last time we can remember seeing it. 

The only explanation we have is we must have chucked it in the bin by accident, it probably got mixed with paper, and we the threw the paper out along with the passport - although, this is just a guess - And, knowing our luck we will find it once the new one arrives.

Then there is the lost EHIC card - as well as getting a replacement passport, the other item I need to update before we go on our holiday next month is our European EHIC Cards - Liam took his on a school trip last year, and now we can't find his. In addition, I need a new one for Summer. 

Although, it may not seem it after reading this post, but I am normally much more organized, I think there is something in the air this year!

Once we have hubby's passport sorted and our EHIC cards, we will be all sorted and ready for our holiday. And, I will be sure to always put the passports away.

Graduation gifts with Cadbury Gifts Direct.

A teacher isn’t just a teacher. they are so much more; they support, guide, protect and encourage your child through the year. This is why we like to show our teachers appreciation - and hopefully without breaking the bank. 

There are many gifts you can buy or make, but with Jacob being in Reception class, which is a large class with several teachers, hampers are great gifts for the teachers to share amongst themselves. With the Sharing Hamper from Cadbury Gifts Direct it will take them to chocolate heaven, packed full of chocolate favourites - there is something for everyone.

It arrives in the Cadbury's purple colour presentation box and the contents are hidden in amongst shredded paper - which looks like it came out of a party popper - fun and delightful.

With this hamper, your teachers will receive so much chocolate they won't know where to start. Presented in a treasure box it contains eighteen bars of Cadbury’s chocolate, from my personal favourite the chocolate Eclairs to the iconic box of Milk Tray, there’s enough to keep everyone happy for the half-term and even longer.

This hamper is perfect for sharing. Which means that with just one purchase, the teachers can share this gift between each other - Now isn’t that a good idea?! Make them all happy with the Sharing Hamper. They have a great selection to share with, from the Cadbury's Roses lover, to another who simply loves Freddo chocolates. 

Choosing the perfect gift that not only says “thank you” but also “I appreciate you”

This hamper is ideal for many occasions but perfect for Jacob's reception teachers, and as graduation gifts too. If you would like to see the whole range of graduation hampers on offer, simply visit the Cadbury Gifts Direct site.

Silent Sunday



Do you have some amazing pics on your Facebook or Instagram? It's great having photos online, but nothing beats having your photos in print. Especially if you love photos and if you love little books, Printrbook is a website where you can order the cutest little photo book.

The Printrbook website, where can you 
print facebook photos, links to your Facebook and your Instagram account - you browse through all your photos on your accounts and tick the ones you want on your book and you order it, sit back and wait for it to be delivered. It is as easy as that.

For your book there are two options to choose from either 25 or 50 photos - inside your book there is one photo per page. For the front page, you can either allow the system to select 4 photos, or you can select the 4 yourself.

The books are 10cm x 11cm and bound together nicely. The pages are printed on 150gsm matt paper and the front/back is made with a 300gsm Trucard cover.

Finally, you can add personal messages/notes throughout your 
facebook photo book.

The quality of the print is really nice and the book is Polaroid size and perfect for keeping in your handbag, ready to share some lovely photos when visiting friends and family.

I think these books are really cute and they would make a great gift for someone special, you can even ship them worldwide. They start at £12.99 with free shipping.

Things to consider when creating a kitchen from scratch

Planning your own kitchen from scratch can be exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure. You have the chance to create the perfect cooking space, but if things go wrong, your project could end up being a costly disaster. Don’t worry though, help is at hand. The following suggestions should steer you through the design process and help ensure you end up with a kitchen you love.

Choose the best materials  
Firstly, make sure you choose the best possible materials for this space. From contemporary options like steel and glass to traditional stones and timbers, there’s no shortage of options. As well as being stylish, your cooking area must be robust enough to stand the test of time in a busy family home. A popular option for hardworking kitchens is solid wood. This material can be used for everything from countertops and cabinets to flooring and dining furniture. As long as it’s treated properly, solid timber will stand the test of time and it has a natural elegance that could work perfectly in this part of your property.

Think about where your materials come from too. If you want your new kitchen to be eco-friendly, you’ll need to make sure you get the components for it from sustainable sources. At first, this might sound complicated, but in fact it’s just a question of choosing a suitable provider. Specialist suppliers such as deTerra Kitchens get their timber from sustainable forests with established replanting programmes. By opting for eco-friendly materials like this, you’ll be able to enjoy your new kitchen with a clear conscience.

Put your own stamp on the space
The best thing about creating a kitchen from scratch is the fact that it means you can really put your own stamp on the space. You’re not just tweaking what’s already there; instead, you can take the opportunity to design a cooking area that really reflects your interior design tastes. So, rather than opting for standard kitchen sets, why not put together your own by choosing individual cabinets, worktops and accessories? It might take a little more thought and planning than opting for standard designs, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Make sure the layout is spot on
In terms of layout, it’s best to position the elements you use most often in your kitchen, such as your sink, hob and fridge, close to one another. These convenient arrangements mean you will spend less time traipsing from one end of your cooking area to the other. Meanwhile, if you want to be able to enjoy meals in your kitchen, you’ll need to make sure you leave enough space for a table and some chairs.

Try playing around with different layouts until you’re completely satisfied that you’ve found the perfect solution and if you’re struggling to make the most of the square footage on offer, consider getting a professional designer to draw you up some plans.

Don't skimp on storage
Plenty of storage is a must in any family kitchen. If you’re to stand a chance of keeping this room clean and tidy, you’ll need enough cupboard and shelf space to house everything from your cutlery and crockery to your gadgets and ingredients. Make the most of the full height on offer in your room by opting for tall cabinets and choose corner units that pull out or feature carousels.

By following top design tips like these, you should succeed in creating the perfect kitchen.

Manchester Recovery and Transport - LEGO giveaway

There is nothing worse than your car breaking down hundreds of miles away from home - it's happened to us a couple of times over the years; we had spent the day at Alton Towers, and were on our way home when the engine started smoking - It was dark, we were in the middle of nowhere and miles away from home - we needed the assistance of a reliable recovery service to get us back on the road! 

Recovery services are vital and will probably be needed at some point in your life (if you drive). Breaking down can be a scary and nervous time thus you need a reliable and helpful service. A family run car recovery company, Manchester Recovery and Transport was established in 2005. They are based in the heart of Manchester City centre and offer 24 hours car breakdown recovery service, anywhere in the UK.

I have teamed up with Manchester Recovery and Transport to offer this fantastic prize for two of my readers to each win a LEGO City Vehicle Transporter set.

To enter please follow the instructions in the below Rafflecopter widget. Good luck.

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