Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: Maizy Cat Litter

IntroductionMaizy cat litter - an alternative environmental-friendly cat litter, made from 100% natural puffed sweetcorn.
Experience: We have two cats, Ceefur and Jewel, who are both are house cats, however they never used to be as in our previous home they were both outside all the time enjoying the garden (and the neighbours garden), but that all changed when we moved to this house 8 years ago. Jewel went outside and got lost for 3 days and when we finally found her, since that day she never went outside for a very long time, until about an year ago  when she finally ventured into the garden for the first time in 7 years, though she never leaves the garden staying close to home.  So with two house cats we have to use a cat litter tray, which they took too immediately, and over the years we have used many different cat litter brands, but this is the first time I have used Maizy cat litter.
It is the same process as other cat litter, however it does offer better features to keep clean and maintain for a good length of use. I filled the cat litter tray, and each time the cats went to use it, I would remove the clumps with a scoop and discard it down the toilet. Though it has the advantages of being able to discard down the toilet, I would recommend using a cat litter liner, as the Maizy clumps together and sticks to the litter tray like glue.
  • Ultra Absorbent: Using a special process which takes the whole kernels of corn and turns them into incredibly absorbent granules - just like little sponges.
  • Fast clumping: The moment liquid hits these clever little absorbent granules, they form a firm clump.
  • Locks away smells
  • Planet friendly: As it is biodegradable.
  • Flushable & Biodegradable: The absorbent granules are so light and natural it is perfectly okay to flush it down the toilet or add to your compost heap.
  • Virtually Dust Free: Stays tidier longer and easier to clear up
Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised by this cat litter, it was the least messy cat litter I have used with regards to loose dust getting everywhere, the granules clump together as it states and with the ability to dispose of the clumps down the toilet makes it so much easier to maintain and keep the cat litter clean. With this and the fact it is environmentally friendly I would recommend it to any cat owners.
Costs £10.99 for a 12L pack and £19.99 for a massive 24L pack.

Review: The Canvas Prints

IntroductionThe Canvas Prints  - a website that offers a streamlined range to keep it simple for its customers, with the highest quality product, at the lowest prices. And with their state of the art canvas application you can design your own canvas easily from your mobile or computer, and with 75 years of print guarantee.

Three different styles available: 
  • Single canvas print.
  • Split canvas print.
  • Wall display canvas prints.
In addition if you want something a little different from using your own pictures and you are looking for a certain type of print, then you can take advantage of the collaboration between The Canvas Prints and Fotolia, as they can provide you with over 20 million photos (abstract, travel, contemporary,  etc..) for free to choose from for your canvas prints.

Experience: Picking one photo for this review was tough, I have many lovely photos and would love many of them on canvas to hang up on my walls, however I finally chose a photo with Lewis and Summer together as I don't have one with them two yet. I chose a nice one on a day out with Lewis giving Summer a piggyback - Lewis pulling his cheeky loveable smile and Summer clearly enjoying the ride.

Conclusion:  We love our newest canvas print and it proudly hangs up in our living room, and anyone that pops around and sees it for the first time always comments on the picture and also the quality of the canvas.  The colours are vivid, and the sharpness of the print is superb.  

I am very pleased with my canvas and would highly recommend The Canvas Prints to all.

You can find The Canvas Print on:
Twitter: @thecanvasuk

It arrived well packed.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The 42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Linky Challenge

For the 42 days for summer fun challenge, which is sponsored by McVitie’s BN Biscuits, the kids and I came up with the below list of great stuff to do. This list will cover activities for most days depending on rain or shine.

Our list is as below:
  • Picnic at local park, or beach - make sure to pack our BN biscuits. 
  • Walk along the beach front wall - the kids running around discovering the wall and the area, taking in that lovely fresh sea air.
  • If the weather is nice enough we can venture on to the beach - paddle in the sea, and build sand castles.
  • Visit many different parks, not visiting the same one all the time - to keep it more exciting.
  • Visit some local museums.
  • Feeding the ducks and swans down the local parks.
  • Walk in the woods, collecting sticks, looking close at woodland nature and climbing trees.
  • Visit the war bunkers along the beach - kids love this, there is a certain excitement about the structures and getting to go inside them.
  • Making fun in the garden - getting the paddling pool out, playing on the trampoline, and playing football together in the garden.
  • Taking the kids to the local fun adventure soft play area.
  • Swimming at the local swimming pool.
  • Bike rides or taking the scooters down the skateboard park.
  • Lots of ball games, like Kirby, a kick around in the park etc.
  • Or if the weather is rubbish and we feel like staying in, we will make a tent (fort) in the lounge.
Loads of fun stuff to keep us busy which we have enjoyed so far this summer, and looking forward to doing lots more with what is left of the summer come rain or shine.

BN the sandwich biscuit with a wink, comes in three flavours: Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla.  We tried two flavours out for this review (Chocolate and the Raspberry), and both went down a treat, my favourite is the raspberry, the kids especially liked the chocolate.  They are a great snack for lunch time, and/or packed lunches; a nice tasty treat for all to enjoy.

They are also available to buy in mini packs.

“This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. Learn more at”

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Silent Sunday


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review: kids Academy apps

I love Kids Academy Apps, they have some fantastic, interactive, educational, fun apps available, and for this post I am reviewing three.  

First app: The above pictures are from the app called Bingo, which is a sing along app (with the catchy sing along B I N G O song), and this app is interactive as your child has to clap to switch letters whilst taking you through the farm yard. Along the way they can learn a little bit about the animals with the flash cards.

The app gives you the option to record your child's voice as they sing and clap along, which you can then play it back and listen too (and Jacob was amused at hearing his singing).  

Second app: The next app (see the pictures below) concentrates on reading and writing skills, with fun mazes to encourage your child to develop motor control when tracing the maze, and on another game within the app your child can learn to practice their writing skills, whilst having fun. Jacob was getting around the app with no problems, and was soon showing me what to do, and what letter was coming up next etc.. He especially likes the rhyming match game, which displays an object and your child has to match that up with another object that it rhymes with - he thought that was great fun.

For the third and final app: I have already done a review a few moths back which you can see here.  But this is a app packed with educational, but fun games, which encourage your child to learn to write, read and count.

My verdict: These are really simple, and fun apps - full of great features. The kids love them! You can download the sampler apps for free on any iOS platform. if you like the app/s you can then purchase the full version to then get the full experience, and to unlock all the modes/games.

Disclaimer: I was paid for this review. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

Review: Re:Active T5 Slimming Formula Capsules

IntroductionRe:Active T5 are specially formulated Slimming Pills, they are designed to help you shift fat from stubborn areas, enhance muscle definition, maximise weight loss and maintain an active metabolism; all in one easy-to-take daily capsule.

They come in different strengths- T5 Super is mid strength, and T5 Black are stronger at max strength.

Experience: For a few years now I have looked at ways to slim down on the extra fat around my tummy, waist and butt, but working full time, and looking after 4 children I just don't have the time or energy to visit the gym;  for a while now, I have tentatively looked at weight loss pills, but never took the plunge, so when I was offered to review the T5 I first done some research and read lots of reviews, and decided that I should give them a go.  I do eat a healthy diet, but I don't drink healthy as I drink far too much fizzy - my biggest downfall unfortunately. Also I do light excise, some pilates (I wish I did far more excise)


  • They Increase fat burning during exercise
  • They can tone and tighten your body by burning excess fat
  • Regulate energy and metabolism
  • One tube contains 60 capsules - at 1 capsule a day, this tube will last you 2 months.

Conclusion: I am still only into my first couple of weeks, but I have seen a slight improvement, they do make me sweat more when I find the time to pull my pilates machine out and have a quick session, and they did suppress my apatite.  I am hoping when the boys are back at school, and Summer starts nursery, I can try the gym, and carry on with T5 with the aim to tone up, and slim down by Christmas.

They are available to purchase at 

Safety InformationIf you are under medical supervision or suffer from food allergies, and/or are on medication, you must seek professional advice from your doctor before using T5.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review: Sky Ripperz

Air Storm Sky Ripperz are the latest craze in our house at the moment; they are bungee-launched whistle screaming rockets and the boys love them!

Each pack includes the launcher and 3 rockets. Recommended for children aged 8 or over - however my 4 year old loves it.

All you need to do is attach your launcher to the launch hook on the rocket, pull back and let go, and then watch and hear (as it whistles) go the distance.


  • Can reach distance in flight over 75 metres.
  • They whistle as you catapult them.
  • Easy to use, even my 4 year old is using it with ease.
  • You get 3 rockets included in the pack
  • You can use them if you are right or left handed - doesn't matter.
  • No batteries needed.

Experience: Whilst playing it in the garden we lost one rocket over the fence, because the boys thought it would be fun jumping on the trampoline whilst they shot a Sky Ripperz rocket in the air, however one went straight into next door neighbours garden, and unfortunately their dog chewed it up (lesson learnt).  After that bad luck, we decided to keep to using it only down the park, and whilst down the park, my boys embarked on trying to get the rocket as high as possible, and as far away as possible; it kept them active as they ran around collecting the rocket when it landed.

Conclusion: The boys had tons of fun with the Sky Ripperz, we keep it in my car, so when popping down the park or out for a walk, they are there ready for the boys to grab and take with them. 

These are an excellent outdoor toy for under £10 and they are available to buy at Smyths, Argos, Amazon and Toys ‘R’ US.