Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Unboxing: Magnum Safety Boots

Magnum boots produce occupational footwear and safety boots and safety shoes worldwide for an array of industries ranging from police forces, builders to nurses. 

We were sent a pair of Magnum Stealth force 6.0 for hubby to review at his place of work. Paul works as a branch manager for a building merchant that specialises in civils therefore dealing with heavy duty stock in and around his yard each and everyday. He currently wears work supplied safety shoes, but he is looking forward to trying and wearing these boots for work. He will be trying these out over the next couple of weeks, so look out for the full review of his experience with these safety boots soon.

The Magnum Stealth force 6.0 costs £114.99 which you can buy directly from the Magnum website, with free delivery, and free returns. Magnum now also offer a 30 day comfort guarantee.

The boot comes with many features and benefits as listed below:
  • Side-Zip for ease of use - getting them on and off.
  • Waterproof under the ankle and the upper section of the boot is manufactured from water-resistant natural leather, coated with a water repellant surface enhancement which repels all forms of liquid.
  • It features a toe cap (protecting the foot from falling objects) and sole plate (protecting the foot from punctures from below) made from composite plastic which is just a strong as steel but much more lightweight.
  • A contoured insole with memory foam providing comfortable support.
  • The boot also features scanner safe non-metallic hardware and an Agion antibacterial treatment which fights the bacteria, mould and fungus that can cause nasty odours
  • It is tested and certified to European Standard EN 20345 for safety footwear with SRC slip resistance
  • Full certification: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC
When we first opened the box, we noted instantly that they were a really good quality boot, and picking the boot up they feel solid, but light in weight.  Paul gave them a quick try, and he responded stating "these are really comfortable inside" - he repeated that twice to me, so I think he was rather pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Watch out for the final review soon.

Disclaimer: We were sent these boot for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own and completely honest.

National BV Day

Review: Penwizard - Peppa Pig: My Mummy book

Penwizard began 10 years ago offering a range of personalised children's books with famous characters, from Peppa Pig, Noddy to Fifi the Flowertots. With the great range available you get to create a book that includes your child in the story, staring along side their favourite character; which will grab their imagination and excitement.

The range of books available are:
  • Personalised books
  • Birthday books
  • Personalised Peppa Pig books
  • Character books
Recently we were sent the Peppa Pig My Mummy hardback book by Penwizard to review.  The characters in our book are Summer, Jacob and myself - as well as the Peppa Pig family.

The kids faces when I first showed the book to them was lovely, and Jacob instantly spotted his name, and pointing at the characters Jacob asked "is that me mummy and is that Summer". He got very excited then, and so did Summer.   The story was fun it takes you through with Peppa exclaiming what her mummy does - my mummy always looks lovely says Peppa. And it is followed by what their mummy (me) does -  Our mummy is beautiful says Jacob...   


The website is user-friendly and it is a simple process to create your very own book.  You choose the book/character you would like, tick either softback or hardback and then you create! First you add the name of the child, you get to pick the hair style, gender, skin, and eye colour and if your child wears glasses you can tick this option.  You can create up to 2 children for your story, and create yourself, all to star in the Peppa Pig: My Mummy' book. Also available is Peppa Pig: My Daddy.

They have sat down and have read it loads, and Jacob loves the fact that he and his mummy are part of the story alongside Peppa Pig.

These books will make a lovely gift for any child, and a great keepsake. Prices start from £14.99 and if you spend over £35 delivery is free.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are completely my own.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: Healthy Nails Crystal Nail File.

Over the years I have tried a couple of different crystal nail files brands, but the Healthy Nails file I like a lot, it is thinner and with the pointed end I found both these features made it easier for me to file around the sides/curves of my nails - with the other brands of crystal nail files they are thicker and I did struggle to get right in the corners/sides of the nail.

The advantages with a Crystal nail file is it won't split your nails so you can file away from side to side without having to worry, it turns the filed away nail into dust and leaves the end of your nail with a perfectly smooth finish, making your nail stronger, and less likely to split.

The Healthy Nails crystal file also comes with a very handy durable case to protect it from damage, and perfect to store in your handbag. Maintaining your crystal file is very easy, all you need to do to clean it is rinse it in warm water, and that does the job.

The Healthy Nails crystal nail file is available in three colours:
  • Purple 
  • Pink
  • Black
They currently cost £12.99 each and you can purchase one at Amazon - this crystal nail file will last for many years to come, for me it is a worthwhile investment that could possibly save you money over the years, especially if you buy emery board nail files. Or they would be a great gift.

The History of Nail Files:  Did you know that back in the 18th century Marie Antoinette was obsessed with her nail file-like tool made of the pumice stone, thus this is when using a portable tool for filing nails began.

If you want to watch an informative and interesting quick video on the history of the nail file, then I recommend you watch the below.

Disclaimer: I was sent this crystal nail file for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Review: 888 Ladies Millionaire Genie

The Genie is waiting to make all your wishes come true, your next spin could be worth millions!....  

The Millionaire Genie is a new game on the 888Ladies bingo website. With a very large and ever increasing jackpot up for grabs which is awarded to one lucky random winner, the fun and bold graphics, and the uniqueness of the game concept, all this makes the game standout compared to others. 

How to play:

First you set your bet level - You can increase or decrease the amount you want to bet per spin, starting from 15p up to £3.75 per bet.  In addition you can set it on auto play and choose it to spin x10, x25, x50 or x75 - you can stop it at anytime.

It is a simple to play, you just click on the 'spin' button, but it does take some practice to understand the concept and how it works. 3 lines with 5 paylines in each line, making it 15 paylines in the game to win, all you have to do is be lucky and create matching combinations of symbols on any one of them.

I much preferred spinning it myself rather than auto-spin, mainly because I like to be more interactive with the game rather than letting it spin itself, but that is down to personal choice. I would also change the amount I was betting every couple of spins, just to mix it up a bit for myself.

There were little wins for me, 2p, 15p and the biggest win I got was £1.50 - these kept me going for a little while, and there is always a nice feeling when you win no matter how small, but my £5 credit did soon run out to my disappointment, mainly because I was enjoying the game.

I have played bingo on a few sites over the years, I chop and change, but this was the first time I have ever played on 888 Ladies bingo, and I was pleasantly surprised as I found it to be a user friendly and welcoming site - I will definitely be visiting this site again in the future.

Which Bingo Awards is taking votes now! The UK's favourite bingo games – bingo fans can vote for their Millionaire Genie or their own favourite game hereVoting closes midday on Friday 2nd May 2014. What bingo site will you be voting for?

Disclaimer: I was paid a fee and also credited £5 on the above website for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and completely my own.

Review: Pet Shop Bowl

Pet Shop Bowl is a website that offers a huge array of pet supplies, not only for your dog or cat, but from reptile supplies to accessories for hedgehogs. Pet Shop Bowl is an award winning retailer due to there excellent customer service and which they put it down to there great loyal pet parent customers.

A few services they have to offer:

  • 'Bottomless Bowl' a subscription service - when you make your order you can set it up for auto reorder and you get to choose the frequency.  The advantage of this is the hassle free convenience and never having to worry about running out. - How many last minute supermarket dashes do you do? If you are like us, quite a few.

  • The 99p store area on the website, offers a select bargain price items from dog food/treats to fish food.

  • Free UK delivery with any orders over £19.99 - no weight restrictions on this either.

For this review the lovely people from Pet Shop Bowl sent us a box of goodies:
  • James Wellbeloved box of wet cat food
  • Canagan bag of cat food
  • Dreamies - cat treats
  • Jolly Moggy Laser Cat Toy

The Laser cat toy was the one item we got excited over - both my cats are very old (16 years old) and it has been at least 10 years since we had a laser toy for them, and back then they loved it, chasing the laser, trying to catch it. So the boys quickly opened it and started to flash the laser around, and to the boys delight the cats soon responded and started pouncing.

Canagan is a new brand for me, so I was looking forward to trying this out with the cats. It is made with free-run chicken dry cat food is a grain-free, all-natural food, made with fresh meat and vegetables. N
o artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

James Wellbeloved is a brand I am aware of, one that I brought for my dog in the past but never for my fussy cats - they only normally like Whiskers, but they enjoyed this wet food - again with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Dreamies - I have seen the adverts a lot for these, but my cats don't normally like any treats - and we have tried a few other the years.. did I say they were fussy? But Jewel loved these, as you can see from the photo below.


Pet Shop Bowl is an excellent choice for shopping for all your pets needs, with great additional services to offer, I would recommend this site to anyone with pets.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Review: Kids Academy iOS App

Kids Academy is an interactive educational and fun app for young children who can learn to read their ABCs, trace letters, and phonic songs.  The app is free to download on iPad, iPod and iPhone (it does require iOS 4.3 version or later). 

The free version is limited, but you do get to give it a try out before you decide whether to make the full purchase. There are quite a few additional in-app purchases available all at a small cost.

When you do download the app you can then go to the parent mode and set-up a profile for your child (you can set-up multiply profiles if needed, and monitor their progress individually). With the profile you can monitor your child's progress. The parental mode also has a contact button, link to the Kids Academy Facebook page and a link to the website.  Additional you can also adjust the sound settings here.

On the free download you are given part access to three of the below games, all with clear instructions by either a help button or clear verbal narration.  

Game 1. Teaching the child to trace out each number to achieve the bugs to be captured into the bug jar, and increasing their score. With the left and right arrows the child can go back and forth between the numbers.

Game 2. A word appears and the letter it starts with is highlighted and instructions are given for your child to press on an item which matches the same starting letter. Again the child can go back and forth between the different letters, and there is more than one item that matches the same starting letter within the picture.

Game 3. Clear verbal instructions explain to the child how to trace the letter. Once the child starts tracing it does highlight and follows his finger. 

I like this app a lot, it is not only fun and interactive, but has a good educational angle to it as well. It has Jacob learning and practising his ABCs, his writing and phonics.  The graphics are bold, bright and fun, and they capture Jacob's interest straight away.

In addition to the above, there is a clear verbal instruction given for each task that makes it easy for Jacob to interact with the app more positively.

Jacob enjoys this app, he loves learning, and wants to be like his big brothers and read and write. He has spent many hours playing and learning.

Disclaimer: I was paid for this review. All opinions are completely honest and my own.