Friday, 27 March 2015

Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with Me

Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with Me is a fun, super-soft and an engaging interactive floor toy, which is ideal for you little ones first Winnie the pooh teddy.  This is simple to use; Summer actually showed me how to use it, whilst I was busy touching his belly to get him started, Summer exclaimed "No mummy, push his head" and she proceeded to show me.

  • Tap on pooh’s head and watch as he sways from side to side in time to the music
  • As your baby becomes confident in sitting, encourage them to sway along with Pooh
  • There are three different songs for you and your baby to sway along to
  • Pooh will start to sway and then stop, encouraging your little one to tap his head to start him moving again
  • Includes 4 x AA batteries

Summer, loved pretending to blow his nose with his attached hanky (tissue), and each time he ahh-choo's, she would exclaim "bless you". She jigs along with it, and also loves to cuddle him.

Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with me will be a great gift for any babies and toddlers (recommended for 9 months +), they will have hours of fun singing and dancing along with Winnie the Pooh as they watch him jiggle and listen to his iconic, jolly sound.


We loved this month's Degustabox, it was full of treats and sticky goodness.

Degustabox is always full with new and exciting items, and if you like to experience old and new brands, food and drink that maybe you wouldn't normally buy, then this is the monthly subscription service for you. The monthly box is delivered directly to your home and the contents are always kept a secret. You will receive between 9 to 14 items, and it costs just £12.99, including delivery - I have a £3 discount code for new subscribers - see at the bottom of this post.

I always enjoy receiving the box, opening and unpacking to see what goodies are inside and best of all, getting to try them.

In this month's box please see below for each item included:

If you head over to their Facebook page you could enter to win yourself a free box.

Laimon Fresh - a refreshing lightly sparkling lemon, lime and mint flavoured soft drink using only 100% natural ingredients. You can either drink it as it is, or use it to mix maybe with Vodka. It tasted different, definitely minty, but at the same time quite refreshing.

Peanut Hottie - the world’s first Peanut Butter flavoured hot drink. The distinct peanut butter taste, aroma and colour are the results of real American peanuts blended together with a special flavour and carefully selected ingredients to create a smooth, velvety indulgent instant hot drink – a great alternative to hot chocolate, and one my kids enjoy.

Melba Thins - These are a great snack where you can add toppings of your desire - I love melba toast with soft cheese. 

Lily O’Brien’s - From their newest range of luxury snacking pouches for chocolate lovers who want to indulge in something a little more special. Available in three variants including Cocoa Cookie Crunch, Stem Ginger Batons and Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt, these re-sealable pouches are ideal for treating yourself, sharing with family or simply snacking on the go. And they are delicious, I will definitely be treating myself with these again.

Whole Earth Peanut Butter - with Sunflower, Pumpkin and Flaxseed this spread has a rich and unique taste, making it a truly scrumptious spread. Full of protein, this is a must-have addition to the store cupboard. I am not a fan of peanut butter, but my boys are.

American Muffin Company - gluten free and wheat free, these muffins are made by using the finest ingredients such as high cocoa content chocolate chips and Sicilian lemon oil. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try these as my boys ate them all before I could even get a look in - they enjoyed them and asked me to buy some more.

Flavour Shots from Schwartz - a unique blend of herbs, spices and seasonings infused in sunflower oil to give you amazing tasting meals. Simply spoon into your pan, add the meat and/or veg with a few store cupboard ingredients, simmer and serve. There are 8 delicious recipes to choose from. These are handy and easy to use.

Beet It Sport - . Beetroot shots and bars contains 400mg of dietary nitrate and is used by over 150 universities worldwide for research into the benefits of lowering blood pressure and improving sports performance. My hubby enjoyed these.

JACK LINK‘S - My boys love beef jerky, so this bar went down well. Beef Snack is a delicious, convenient and easy-to-eat bar aimed at busy people looking for a healthier snack on the go. Only the best quality beef is used, which is then seasoned with a unique blend of spices and oven roasted.

Another great box, it never disappoints and I am already looking forward to next month's box already. Receiving the Degustabox each month is a fun experience, and if you would like to give it a go, then why not use the discount code I have for my readers: £3.00 discount code for you: Z7N5E

You can follow Degustabox for the latest news and updates with the below links:

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Competition Time: #DesignedByKids

Bedtime can be the most stressful part of the day for some parents, and this was highlighted from a recent survey completed with parents; children not settling and going to sleep being one of the many challenges during bedtime. A further study looked at how the environment we sleep in affected sleep patterns, and factors including a cool, dark room were examined. Surprisingly this study identified that the colour the room was decorated in played a role in how well people slept. According to the study, if you want to ensure you have a good night’s sleep then it’s best to make sure you’re picking cooler colours. Some people, i.e. kids, find cool, plain bedroom walls boring, especially with the recent popularity in bold feature walls. However, a benefit of keeping the wall colour simple is that you can really take advantage and add character to the bedroom with the features and fittings, especially when it comes to the windows.

My middle son has recently asked me if we can get him a blind for his bedroom window, as too much light is getting through, thus he is struggling to get off to sleep. It's little things like this that affect him overall, i.e. he doesn't get off to sleep well enough, late night, equals harder day at school for him - and to think he goes off to school tired, is not only nice for him, but also worrying to me.

With the recent research in mind, Blind 2 Go launched their new digital print Children’s Blinds. The range has 24 playful designs to choose from, all immaculately printed onto blackout roller blinds, making them a fun, and a wise addition to your child’s bedroom. And they are giving you the chance to win your very own custom designed blind, in their new #DesignedByKids competition.

To enter simply upload your child’s drawing (hand drawn or digitally created), to Blind 2 Go's Facebook or Twitter and don't forget to include the competition hashtag #DesignedByKids.

The competition ends on the 31st March, so what you waiting for!  Get your child drawing, let their imagination run wild, have fun and submit your design.

The winner's entry will then be made into a real blind designed to fit in your home along with an additional £250 to spend at Blinds 2 Go.

You can find the full terms and conditions on the Blinds 2 Go competition link.

Good luck.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Silent Sunday


DocMcstuffins Double Fun Puzzle

Puzzles are great fun, and anyone can do one; from 3D to a traditional, to a more complex puzzle and no matter the age. We love to play with puzzles, especially the traditional puzzle, putting the pieces together - it can be satisfying and the challenge keeps us going until the end. 

Also, puzzles can be an important educational learning tool for children as not only do they offer hours of fun, they also provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities. So I love encouraging my kids to do puzzles, we have many different types, and sizes. And for this review, we were sent the DocMcstuffins double fun puzzle.

It's a unique puzzle that offers double fun, not only can you spend hours playing with it, but you can also glue this puzzle together to make it a wall height chart for your little one. With 4 included small clips, you can clip photos and notes to the puzzle/height chart and record your child's growth, in a fun way.

This is recommended for 3 years+ but Summer is only 2.5 years old, and she loves it, and with a little help she does really well with it. She is a massive DocMcStuffin's fan anyhow, and that helps for her to quickly connect the characters and find the right pieces to fit together. There are 30 XXL pieces, perfect for little hands. The puzzle also comes with glue, and 4 small clips, so you can spread the glue over the completed puzzles and it stays together - you can then hang it on the wall and use it as a height chart. Although we haven't done this yet, as Summer loves taking it apart and putting it together again.

DocMcstuffins double fun puzzle would make a great gift for any DocMcstuffins fan.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Muddy Puddles

Last weekend we had a fantastic day visiting Horsey Bay to see the seals, but on the long walk back to the car, we had just as much fun. When we had finished watching the lovely seals, instead of walking back via the beach, we decided to cross over the dune and walk along the dirt path, and to the kids delight there were loads of puddles, big, small, muddy puddles.

It was about a 30-minute walk that took us a lot longer as Jacob and Summer embarked on walking through every single puddle possible.  

Unfortunately Lewis had his trainers on so couldn't splash about, so instead he encouraged Jacob and Summer.

They walked, ran, and splashed through every muddy puddle.

After 45-minutes and many muddy puddles (I lost count after the fifteenth) they were rather wet and muddy - but they loved it; they giggled, they screamed in delight, and they mastered it.

I was dreading that they would trip and fall into a puddle and get their top half wet and muddy, but luckily they didn't.

But they kept going, even when we finally got back to the car-park, they just couldn't resist one final puddle.

We got in the car, turned up the heater, took them out of their wet clothes and wrapped them up in our coats, and we went home. They had so much fun, they both exclaimed how we had to do it again another day.

Rustic Heart Photo Frame Memory Box

I love keepsake / jewellery boxes, I've collected many over the years, all different shapes, sizes and colours, so when I was asked to pick an item to review from Treat Republic, I couldn't resist  this beautiful personalised rustic heart photo frame memory box. 

This is my first personalised box with a special message on it, and you can personalise it further by changing the photo in the heart frame if you like and I may do later on, but I think the pictures it comes with really suits the box and it is a charming little picture.  You can hang the box on the wall, or sit it on a shelf, but it is definitely a box that is designed to be on display, thus, I have placed mine in my lounge, as it looks lovely on my windowsill.

The attention to detail on this box makes it more special, the little woven string that hangs on the left side of the heart frame, with two white hearts attached to the string, and the best feature on the box is the personalised message - you can personalise with your own message, with up to 50 characters.  The dimension of the box is quite spacious, perfect for storing photos, and/or few nick nacks - I have these tiny little trinket boxes which would fit perfectly in this memory box.

This keepsake box is perfect, cute and one that will stay with me for many years, it would be fantastic and unique gift for someone special and it costs £25.

It's made from beautiful and sustainable mango wood, which is whitewashed to give an aged feel, which suits it perfectly, as metaphorically this keepsake box will stay with you for an age.